19 Sep

Fitting Flow Frames to Paradise Honey  Bee Hives

Many of our customers run both Flow Hives and Paradise Honey EPS beehives.  Almost all report that their honeybees perform significantly better in terms of honey production and colony health in the EPS hives.  The question this leads to is, can I install Flow Frames in my Paradise Honey hive?  I am pleased to report that one of the local hobbyist beekeepers in Canberra has successfully modified his Paradise Honey beehive to take Flow Frames and has written the following instructions.

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17 Jul

We now stock Custom Bee Feed

Order ButtonJust as we need a balanced diet to maintain good health and wellbeing, so do honeybees.  In fact, the productivity and lifespan of honeybees can be directly related to what they eat from the moment they hatch as larvae and throughout their brief lifespan. As a commercial or a hobbyist beekeeper, we all want our honeybees to be healthy and productive which is why we feed our honeybees Custom Bee Feed.  Customer Bee Feed is an Australian formulated product which 

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