11 Oct

Research Proposal – EPS Versus Wooden Beehives

We first established our Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) beehives in our beekeeping operation in Australia in the spring of 2012. We started with 100 EPS 10 frame Langstroth beehives which we ran alongside our 160 traditional 10 frame Langstroth wooden beehives. To our surprise, the EPS colonies expanded quickly and by the end of the first season had produced 35% more honey than our wooden beehives.  After more than three years of positive experience with operating EPS beehives in Australia, we are compelled to conduct this research.

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16 Aug

Finding honeybees for your first beehive

I have been approached by a number of new beekeepers who have assembled their new beehives over the winter period in anticipation of becoming a beekeeper for the first time this coming spring. They all have the same question which is, how do I get honeybees and a queenbee installed into my new beehive. This is something established beekeepers often take for granted as they have the ability to split off new colonies from their existing beehives.

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