01 Dec

Bayer sponsors honeybee forage program

The traditional family farm in many instances has become a desert for pollinating insects as farmers come under increasing pressure to increase their returns. The past 100 years has seen millions of hectares of native vegetation destroyed to make way for large-scale agriculture crops. The desert has also increasly become toxic as spraying has become the first response to control the enemies of the agriculture crop.

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22 Nov

AFB Threatens $300M Almond crop

The recent ABC News report of a beekeeper being fined $6000 for placing American Foul Brood infected beehives on last years Almond pollination should come as no surpise.  it begs the question - how exposed are our honeybees to disease on almonds?  The news article suggested that the incident was a major threat to Australia's $300m/year almond crop.  How significant is the risk of this new phenomenon to Australia's beekeepng industry where most of Australia's honeybee colonies come together at a single event.

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