17 Dec

The New Australian Honeybee beehive and honey super pallets!

We are proud to be able to show off our new generation of Australian Honeybee Beehive and Honey Super Pallets. We have designed 3 different sizes for both the beehive and honey super pallet to cater for majority of Beekeepers needs.

They are available from the "Hive Pallets" category in the store. They will be arriving to the warehouse in February 2020 and are available for pre-order now so be sure to place your order in ASAP to reserve stock from the first shipment!

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17 Jul

We now stock Custom Bee Feed

Order ButtonJust as we need a balanced diet to maintain good health and wellbeing, so do honeybees.  In fact, the productivity and lifespan of honeybees can be directly related to what they eat from the moment they hatch as larvae and throughout their brief lifespan. As a commercial or a hobbyist beekeeper, we all want our honeybees to be healthy and productive which is why we feed our honeybees Custom Bee Feed.  Customer Bee Feed is an Australian formulated product which 

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