12 Dec

Honey Shortage in Australia

Honey Shortage

A difficult 2014 honey season in Australian has contributed to a shortage of honey in the Australian market. With many beekeepers producing significantly less honey this year, honey prices are rising and supermarket shelves are looking bare. With the 2014 season wrapping up in the next couple of months with a harvest of less then 50% for many, beekeepers are looking to the 2015 season to make up lost ground. 

While honey is in short supply, beekeepers are pleased with a healthy spike in the wholesale price for honey, driven by the shortage.  With prices up from around $3.00/Kg only a year or so ago to over $5.00/kg in 2014, beekeepers are hoping for consistency in the price they are paid for their honey.  Running a modern beekeeping operation on honey prices around the $3.00 - $4.00 range is simply not sustainable.