16 Aug

Finding honeybees for your first beehive

I have been approached by a number of new beekeepers who have assembled their new beehives over the winter period in anticipation of becoming a beekeeper for the first time this coming spring. They all have the same question which is, how do I get honeybees and a queenbee installed into my new beehive. This is something established beekeepers often take for granted as they have the ability to split off new colonies from their existing beehives.

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14 Feb

The Presidents Directive

On June 20, 2014, President Obama issued a directive to federal agencies to create a federal strategy to promote honey bee and other pollinator health.  This is a major step forward in acknowledging the plight of the honeybee and other pollinating insects and their importance to the US economy and food production.  It is estimated that honeybees contribute over $15 billion to the annual value of agiculture crops in the Unitied Stated.  

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