Honeybee colonies available for crop pollination services.

Honeybees are recognised as one of the most effective pollinators for many of the world's food crops.  The economic value and the proportion iof food production associated with honeybee pollination varies from source to source however, there is no argument that honeybee pollination has a profound impact on the yield of many food crops.

We endeavour to make a positive contribution to Australian Agriculture by supplying healthy and strong colonies of honeybees for pollination services. This requires consistent and proactive beehive management including:

  • Disease Management - early diagnosis and treatment
  • Good nutrition - Steady supply of suitable nutrition in the form of pollen and nectar
  • Hygiene - A clean and hygienic operation contributes to healthy bees.

Please CONTACT US if you have a crop that would benefit from pollination by our strong and healthy honeybee colonies